Mickey Mouse Ray Ban Sunglasses To Be Released With a New Upgrade!

It was one year ago that Ray Ban released a pair of Mickey Mouse sunglasses that sold out within a few days (some locations sold out in hours). They were a huge success and being sold online for crazy prices on ebay. Well, back by popular demand, are the Mickey Mouse Ray Ban sunglasses but this time they have a new spin on a classic look!


Pictures of the upgraded look have not been released but we have been told, by Sunglass Hut themselves, that the look will feature grey gradient polarized lenses with the classic black and white Mickey print we fell in love with the first time!


Mickey mouse ray bans Mickey mouse ray bans

The above graphic states they will be available tomorrow and this is for Sunglass Hut members (we are assuming, as this came in an email). This will be a day earlier than the store release and there are very limited quantities.

(Update- Clearly they have been released and we now have in real life pics! They look the same to me but I do like the improved lenses!)

Mickey mouse ray bans
Free gift with purchase!

The retail price will be $243 and you will receive a free gift with purchase… a Mickey Mouse cleaning cloth. This free gift is available for in store purchases only. Also of note is that discounts do not apply (No AP or DVC discounts) and there is a purchase limit of 5 per customer.

Mickey mouse ray bans Mickey mouse ray bans

Now, the question is where will they be released? We have been told they will be available in limited quantities on December 8th at 7am in the Island Supply by Sunglass Hut location at Magic Kingdom and the Sunglass Icon location at Disney Springs.

There is no word as to where or if it will be at Disneyland (I am assuming they will).

These would make incredible gifts for a fellow fashionista. If you aren’t able to get to Disney World on the 8th, and you really want a pair, you can click HERE and our preferred personal shopper will take care of you!

Are you excited about the release of the Mickey Mouse Ray Bans with a new upgrade? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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