These Minnie Mouse Ears are A Super Cute Alternative to the Headband Style We All Know and Love

Okay, confession time. I am obsessed with Minnie Mouse ears! I’m guessing you all already knew that, but it’s still true. I have a whole bin of them at home and I carefully select which pairs to pack when I head to the Disney Parks. But I have another confession. Wearing a headband all day gives me a headache. I mean, I have no problem suffering a bit for fashion, but sometimes I just need to give my aching noggin a break. These clip on Minnie Mouse ears are a super cute alternative to the headband style that we all know and love.

These Minnie Mouse inspired ears and super sparkly and very stylish. Instead of using a headband, these ears clip right into your hair. Say goodbye to headband headache! I’m loving the different color options too! All of them are gorgeous and I’m thinking Minnie Mouse would definitely approve!

If you are looking for something a little more character specific, no worries! You know I have already done the research for you! These clip on Minnie Mouse ears come in a whole variety of different styles. You will be able to proudly show off your favorite character and personal style with no problem.

Now these are just two examples of character inspired clip on ears, but I think this will give you a good idea of what can be done. Up first is everyone’s favorite Little Mermaid. Of course I’m talking about Ariel! I love the use of a fork, I mean Dinglehopper, on one of the bows for that added touch of whimsy. Next up are these pretty Princess Aurora ears. The pink design of the ears really makes the gold crown pop! These ears are definitely fit for royalty.

All of these Disney inspired ears can be found on Etsy from PixieDustPrettiess. Make sure to check out the shop and take a look around before you decide which ears are perfect for you. Oh, and these ears fit both adults, teens, and kids!

What do you think of these clip on Minnie Mouse ears?  Would you consider these as an alternative to the headband style? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Monica V