Minnie Oversized Bow Headband Coming Soon To Disney Parks

Minnie Oversized Bow Headband

I like big bows and I can not lie! Fortunately there’s a shiny new red Minnie Oversized Bow Headband coming to the Disney Parks, to fulfill all of my big bow desires. This bow is similar to the over sized pink satin one from last year, but with a sparkly upgrade.


This oversized bow is a full classic Minnie Mouse style. Bright cherry red sequins are dotted with snow white sequins to recreate her classic polka-dotted style. This larger than life bow makes a Minnie style statement that’s bold and fierce. The stylish polka dot bow is sure to get attention!

The price has not been announced for this bow yet, but it will most likely be between $24.99 – $27.99. $24.99 was the cost of the pink oversized bow, however, $27.99 seems to be the going rate for Minnie headbands these days.

What do you think of this magnificent Minnie Oversized Bow Headband? Do you prefer the Pink or the Red variant?

If you’d like to add this stylish supersized bow to your Minnie headband collection, but won’t be able to make it to the parks, be sure to email our preferred personal shopper at [email protected], to see if she can help you acquire one when they are released! 

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