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New Aulani Dooney And Bourke Bags Are Purple Perfection!

I am obsessed with purple. This should not be a surprise. I built my logo around my favorite colors and I have been very vocal about all the purple potion merchandise. The designers at Dooney and Bourke must know I am not the only one because the new Aulani Dooney and Bourke bags are purple perfection!

The pink and teal flowers against the purple are giving me all the heart eyes! This has me wanting to race back to Aulani (not that is hard to do) and grab one of these beauties!

This backpack is about the size of a Loungefly mini backpack and retails for $248. I am loving that it has the tiny front packet so you can keep the essentials close by. The tan trim doesn’t overwhelm the pattern and the pink stitching adds a nice subtlety to the overall design.

Just as the sea calls Moana, this crossbody is calling me. Look at the intricate pattern now that we can see it up close. Mickey is surfing amongst the flowers! There is event he Aulani symbol (as there should be) amongst the flowers as well. This is a very narrow crossbody but it is also long so I am thinking it would hold all that I need. It has a magnetic shut which I find interesting. This bag retails for $198.

The tote has a snap shut top, so no zipper. Are you seeing the hangtag? It was challenging to see in the previous photos but this shows it perfectly. If you are heading to Aulani, this would be the perfect souvenir!

Thanks so much to Disneydooneyharveysverabradley on IG for the incredible photos and news!

What do you think of the new Aulani Dooney and Bourke design? Let us know in the comment box below!

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