New Disney Capsule Collection from Shiatzy Chen

Designer Shiatzy Chen is celebrating her label’s 40th anniversary in the most magical way possible. With a Disney collection, of course!

In this new collection, Chen drew inspiration from traditional Chinese watercolor paintings and adding the vibrant characters of Disney. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse star on the new handbags that are perfect for any Disney Fashionista.

Throughout the new collection, Chen drew inspiration from the Dunhuang Magao Caves along the Silk Road. Mickey and Minnie explore the ancient illustrations on each unique handbag. The new collection follows the story that Mickey and Minnie are trying to find each other along the intricate paths and patterns of the collection. As we all know, true love always wins, so I’m sure they love-birds will end up together in the end.

Of course, Mickey looks fantastic on the handbags, and the illustrations are stunning. But I think the real star of this bag is the ornate hand and clasp. Seriously, those are works of art just by themselves.

Chen created this collection by twisting yarn, knitting, jacquard weaving, beading and chiffon work. The contemporary silhouettes and rubber printed materials are a great juxtaposition and work perfectly together.

This Chen X Disney collection is the perfect 40th anniversary celebration! You can check out all the designs online HERE. What do you think of the new capsule collection from Shiatzy Chen? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Monica V