New Donald Duck American Tourister Luggage Available Post D23 Expo Reveal

It seems like just yesterday when, in reality, it was last weekend that I was at the D23 Expo overwhelmed with all the news of all the fun merchandise that was revealed. One of the things I always look for at the D23 Expo is the newest American Tourister Disney designs. This year was not a disappointment as the newest character to have luggage is Donald Duck!


The Donald Duck luggage is available in 2 sizes, the 20″ and the 28″ spinners. It is actually now available on the American Tourister website so it’s not complete torture to share something with you that you can’t even get.

For this Donald Duck design, it is all in the details. For me, Donald’s tail on the back of the luggage was the piece de resistance. Really stinking cute! They may be Donald suitcases but Mickey still got into the mix… in the lining!

These are hard sided suitcases and I learned something about these while talking to the sales person. These are meant to be packed full. They have give and are less likely to crack or damage when they are full. Who knew?! There is also the killer warranty that American Tourister has going for it so it’s hard to pass up cute luggage with such great deals.

These are actually available at American Tourister online right now for 25% off. They are cheaper on the site than on Amazon (which is not usually the case).

What do you think of Donald Duck being added to the mix of Disney inspired luggage? Are you a Donald Duck fan? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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