New Donald Duck Headband Featuring His Adorable Bootie

Donald Duck Headband

It may sound silly to some, but ever since the first time I saw Mickey’s Philharmagic, I became obsessed with… Donald’s Butt. Obviously I’m not the only one because there are mugs, a hat, and now even a Donald Duck Headband featuring his adorable feathered behind.

You can find these cuties now at Walt Disney World, most notably at Animal Kingdom and World of Magic in Disney Springs. I mean, just look at this CUTENESS!!

This is a plush white headband with a tuft of feathers at the top just like his classic bootie. His yellow legs flail from the band just like when he goes flying through the wall at Philharmagic, or Spike is trying to sting it. His adorable webbed feet are super plushy, and you just want to squeeze them!


Honestly I’ve been waiting for this headband since the moment I tried on the Donald Duck butt hat over 10 years ago. Headbands are just more fashionable to me, and comfortable in the Florida heat.

The Donald Duck Headband joins the Sulley Headband as a new trend of character bands that are more than just dressed up Minnie Ears! I have got to admit, I’m loving this new trend and I really hope we see more character headbands like these in the future.

Are you a fan of Donald’s adorable bootie?

If you can’t resist the cute feathered bottom of Donald Duck, be sure to email our preferred personal shopper at [email protected] to see if she can hook you up with a pair of your very own.

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