New Frozen Colourpop Makeup Collection Is Enchanting

The frosty new Frozen Colourpop Makeup Collection has breezed in to take us into the unknown! The glitter and pigments are swirling like the winter winds with this new collection. This collection features colorful selections inspired by the Arendelle royal ladies; Anna, and Elsa.

Frozen Colourpop Makeup Collection

This is a very intimately curated collection, normally we see a vast amount of characters in the Disney collection, but this one we have just two. Because of this, it feels like a lot of extra love went into the development of each character’s assortment. The packaging is stunning with the Elsa selections featuring frosted ice crystals. While Anna’s selections showcase delicate nordic Rosemaling. Elsa takes us into the unknown with bold, and darker color choices. Then Anna embraces us with warm earth and jewel tones.

Frozen Colourpop Makeup Collection Frozen Colourpop Makeup Collection

The metal lipstick tubes really shine brightly in the choices of packaging. Heavy duty metallic casing feels like quality vintage lipstick tubes, and each one highlights the royal ladies’ aesthetics. The lip colors also look very close to the colors they wear in the stylized artwork for the new film as well.

Frozen Colourpop Makeup Collection Frozen Colourpop Makeup Collection

I know what we all really want to see, the SWATCHES! I love that Colourpop always provides a full swatch preview, complete with multiple skin tones. Names are definitely part of the fun with these shadows. The smoky blue “Water” from Elsa is absolutely breathtaking.

The lip glosses of the collection make a nice complimenting item. You can wear them on their own for a natural look, or top the luxe lipstick with them.

It is a bit of a tease to show the glitter gels because they are sold out. However, they are just so gorgeous I couldn’t keep them hidden! These sold out almost instantly, but we can obviously see why they are FABULOUS.

You can find the complete Frozen Colourpop Makeup Collection online at There are also a couple of offerings available on shopDisney.

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