New Hatbox Ghost Tiki Available At Trader Sam’s Grotto

It’s that time of year again, when spooky haunts come out to play! Speaking of haunts, a brand new Hatbox Ghost Tiki has materialized at Trader Sam’s Grotto in Disney’s Polynesian Resort! That’s right, there’s a new limited edition Haunted Mansion inspired Tiki to collect!

New Hatbox Ghost Tiki

This frighteningly fabulous Haunted Mansion inspired Tiki mug is very limited edition, and sure to disappear as quickly as it appeared. Wristbands are being given out at Trader Sam’s for the new Tiki mug, and only a limited amount each day will be sold.

The details are incredible for this mug, including a Memento Mori design “carved” into the back.

These are honestly gorgeous, and the Hatbox Ghost has been popping up on a lot of merchandise this season, so this seems like the perfect addition!

Don’t worry Disneyland guests, the spirits are telling me that these Tikis will arrive there this month too!


If you are a huge fan of tiki and need this mug, you can contact [email protected] and they will try to help you out!

Will you be adding the New Hatbox Ghost Tiki from Trader Sam’s to your collection?

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