New Lip Smacker Pixar Cube Balms Are Cute And Functional

Pixar Cube Balms

Sometimes you just happen to stumble upon something totally adorable, and you can’t resist checking it out. That’s what happened when I passed by these cute new Lip Smacker Pixar Cube Balms at Target this afternoon. Some of my favorite characters, as a handy lip balm clip on? YES PLEASE!

I came across these on an end cap as I was heading to the register today, much to the dismay of my family who was in a hurry, I had to stop and check them out. I loved how they had a different shape and design to them than the usual Tsum Tsum style because I really do enjoy updated styles. I also noticed they had a clip on them, so you can use them as a keychain or bag clip, even after you’ve used the balm! If there’s one thing I love it’s items that are as functional as they are stylish, and these definitely have that aspect to them.

After looking them up, I found out there are actually four flavors but I only found the three Toy Story cubes of Lotso, Woody, and Buzz. The fourth character is Boo from Monster’s Inc, and her flavor is called “Berry Boo-tiful Dreams”.

Lotso has a friendly smile on his face, with a yellow clip, He’s flavored “Pink Straw-bear-y”, which is perfect for the huggable strawberry-scented bear.

The Woody cube is missing his hat, but he’s still adorable. The flavor for this one is “Woody’s Fruity Round-Up” which is a fun play on Woody’s Round-Up gang.

I think the Buzz Lightyear cube is my favorite. I was having a hard time deciding, and I actually regret not grabbing him. The flavor for Buzz is called “To Infinity and Peach-yond”, it’s cheesy but I giggle every time I read it.

Each of the Lip Smacker Pixar Cube Balms retail for $4.95 and are available online at, and at select retailers like Target.

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