New Pixar Bangles From Alex and Ani Are Absolute Perfection

Pixar Bangles

Oh do we have a treat today, we just found the most adorable new Alex and Ani collection! It is a new collection of Pixar Bangles! The collection includes many of our favorite Pixar Pals, from UP! to Toy Story, and the Luxo Ball has even made an appearance.

We discovered a collection of six different Alex and Ani bangles at Ever After Jewelry Co. & Accessories in Disney Springs. There are five pairs, plus the Luxo Ball single bangle. Pairs available are from Toy Story, UP!, Wall-E, The Incredibles, and also Monsters University. The pairs retail for $79.99, and the Luxo Ball single is $44.99.

The Incredibles

There is only one gold-colored bangle, but I feel the gold is the perfect accent for the Incredibles logo. Elastigirl is in her classic red suit dashing to the rescue, and she is also paired with a special circle charm. The circle charm features the Incredibles logo, and says “Incredible Mom”. Wouldn’t this be a great gift for Pixar loving moms this holiday season?

Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 reunited Woody and Bo Peep, and they have also been paired up for this set of silver bangles. Both of our Toy Story heroes are cast in beautiful colored enamel. A blue “Toys at Play” charm hangs on the same bangle as Woody. This charm also has little hidden characters inside the letters like an Alien, and Buzz! Bo hangs on her own bangle that is part of this set.


The most heartwarming couple of the Pixar universe has been recreated on this beautiful set of rose gold Bangles. I am talking about Carl and Ellie of course. Carl and Ellie are depicted as their younger selves, sitting in their favorite armchairs. Ellie hangs on her own bangle, while Carl is also joined by the Adventure Book! The Adventure Book charm says “You are my Greatest Adventure”, and also has balloons on it. I am honestly tearing up just reading the charm!


We don’t see a lot of Wall-E merchandise, so I am so pleased to see this pair! Wall-E and EVE blast off through space on a beautiful silver bangle together. The bangle also paired with this set has a black circular charm that says “I will Follow you to the Stars”. My heart is melting!

Monsters University

Monsters is probably my favorite franchise from Pixar. I just love the endearing friendship of Mike and Sulley, as well as the concept of Monsters being good! This pair is based on Monsters University and features the monster pair in their younger days. The classic MU cap that Mike gets as a child is also part of this fun set. This is also a gunmetal tone set, which really sets it apart.

Last, but not least is the Luxo Ball bangle! This bangle is shiny silver, with a round charm! The charm is obviously a colorful replica of the infamous Luxo Ball. Not only do we see this ball in every Pixar movie, but it has also become the symbol of the beloved animated films. It would look absolutely smashing with the new Luxo Ball dress and crossbody bag too!

Will you be adding any of these fabulous new Pixar Bangles to your collection?

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