The Newest Craze In Mickey Ears That Doesn’t Involve Rose Gold Is 3D Printed Ears!

In a time when everyone is freaking out about the new Rose Gold Glitter Mickey Ears from Disney Parks, it would seem that another style of Mickey Ears is getting overlooked. The Rose Gold Mickey Ears may be new to Disney Parks but they have been on Etsy for a while. What we should be focusing on is the insanely cool new trend of 3D printed Mickey Ears!

This new trend in Mickey Ears works for me on so many levels. They are so unique that not everyone is going to have the same ears. Much of the time, you will find it difficult to keep your Mickey Ears unique but this is a much harder process to do and, therefore, I would assume harder to find.

The above Cinderella Carriage Mickey Ears are from a shop called Mila Mouse and they are so lovely! I am picturing the most perfect picture in front of the castle with these on! They are currently listed as coming soon but soon isn’t soon enough for me! These are listed at $40.

If glitter is something you love as much as I do, you will be happy to hear that you can get the above Mickey Ears in glitter!!! This just keeps getting better. You can find these HERE.

I own the Orange Bird Dress from The Dress Shop and these 3D Mickey Ears would compliment it perfectly! I wouldn’t have even thought to look for Mickey Ears to go with my dress but I was pleasantly surprised while looking at a site called Imaginex Ears. These Orange Bird Ears can be found HERE for $45.

As I love Disney’s California Adventure, these Mickey Ears are very special in my eyes. I adore the simple Mickey colors and the love given to Paradise Pier (which won’t be with us that much longer). I found these Mickey Ears HERE for $45.

These 3D Rapunzel inspired Mickey Ears combine the 3D design with the popular floral halo. The gold sparkles against the purple flowers in perfect form. I love these. I found these HERE for $45.

These Mickey Ghost Ears are one of the examples I have that would be perfect for Halloween at any of the Disney Parks! The Mickey ghosts are too adorable and take the fear factor out of ghosts. I may have to get these for my Halloween trip to Disney. They were found on Etsy at SayChEARS for $35.

Mickey cobweb Ears are another great way to display 3D Mickey Ears during the Halloween season! These were found again at Mila Mouse HERE for $35.

Imaginex Ears has you covered if Jack Skellington is your favorite thing about the Halloween season! These can be found HERE for $45.

I could go on and on but you need to check out these shops for yourself. There is just too much to cover! What do you think of the 3D Mouse Ear trend? Do you love it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!


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