No More Limits On LuLaRoe Collection for Disney!

By now, most of you are familiar with how this whole LuLaRoe thing works. I admit that I was new to the whole LLR scene but I am definitely feeling a bit more in tune with the whole system. It would appear that we have good news today because there are no more limits on the LulaRoe Collection for Disney!

What does this mean exactly? Well, when I made the announcement that the collection was going to be available last week, it meant that retailers could place their orders of 25 pieces from the collection within the first hour and then try again for more pieces. All of those restrictions have now been lifted and the LuLaRoe Collection for Disney is now regular inventory!

The original release has 5,000 pieces in each print. When they go up and are in stock again, it’s not looking like it will be Mickey/Minnie/aurora/Bambi, but the next stream of characters that will be out. So, if you were hoping for a Carly and your retailer was unable to get one, she won’t be able to get one in one of these original prints at all because they are gone from the warehouse. This first round is such a huge hit, and every style is currently sold out from the warehouse, but not to fret, as Mickey and Minnie are making their way to retailers, over 6 million new pieces with even more characters are on their way to the warehouse!

I hope that helps you with knowing what to expect for this release. It helped me understand a bit clearer. Stay fabulous, fashionistas!

**We  have an official LuLaRoe rep working with Disney Fashionista and she is the only person that we will be working with. Please contact her if you do not have a rep and are hoping to get something from this collection. Her name is Nicole and she will give you the VIP treatment! Just tell her Disney Fashionista sent you! Please remember that we do not allow linking to other independent retailers.***


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