The Oh My Disney Pool Party Collection is A Mermaid Lover’s Dream

Oh My Disney Pool Party Collection

Last week Oh My Disney! and the shopDisney Instagram pages released the most exciting sneak peeks of mermaid inspired summer fun. Here at the Disney Fashionista, we’ve been eagerly anticipating the reveal of these incredible mermaid goodies, and today is the day! The Oh My Disney Pool Party Collection is here, and it’s a Mermaid’s dream come true!

Disney store has teamed up again with Oh My Disney for a brand new summer collection. The Oh My Disney Pool Party Collection has everything you’ll need to elevate your pool party game. Inspired by the mermaid princess herself, Ariel and her friends, this line of giant pool floaties, drink holders and selfie props brings Disney’s The Little Mermaid to life. Her iconic elements and quotes from the movie are infused into fun, fashion pieces and accessories.

The collection is available now and includes:

  • Sebastian and Flounder Floats – Giant inflatables featuring Ariel’s favorite sidekicks, that you can float on while relaxing on a warm afternoon.
  • Flounder Novelty Cup – Bask in a shore side breeze and sip on sweet nostalgia from a double-looped straw with this novelty cup from Oh My Disney. Whether you’re hydrating or combining a sea of flavors, Flounder will give you life, as he always does.
  • The Little Mermaid Photo Booth Accessory Kit – Transform into Ariel, Prince Eric or Ursula in an instant with this amazing The Little Mermaid prop set from Oh My Disney. Your photo booths and selfie seshes will have onlookers wishing they were a part of your world.

  • Ariel ”Mermaid” Spirit Jersey for Adults – You’ll want to make this cozy, casual seafoam green spirit jersey a part of your world. Featuring metallic ombré puff ink of Ariel and ”Mermaid” across the back, it’s the best thing you’ll find above sea!
  • Ariel Waterproof Phone Holder – Brb, going under the sea. We can’t promise you’ll get reception, but you can scout out Sebastian, Flounder, and take pictures with all of them once you find them, thanks to this handy phone case. Did someone order a lifesaver? This is it!

  • Ariel 2-Piece Tote Bag – Accessorize your mermaid look on land and store your treasures with this spacious tote bag from Oh My Disney. Featuring Ariel on the removable mesh interior, it’s perfect for bringing beachy vibes from sea to shore.
  • The Little Mermaid Bluetooth Speaker – Listen to your tunes pool side with this portable Bluetooth speaker, that’s sure to have you dancing like you were Under the Sea.

  • Ariel Fin Towel – When your mermaid sea legs step on shore, you can wrap them up in this Ariel towel. The novel wraparound tail design features an allover scale print, a fin section for your feet, and elastic waistband to keep it in place.
  • Inflatable Cup Holder – Darling seahorse floaties to keep your beverages afloat.
  • Flotsam and Jetsam Baseball Cap for Adults – If you and your BFF are the real deal like Ursula’s eels, then you need this holographic-brimmed hat in your lives. Flotsam and Jetsam – the little poopsies who finish each other’s sentences – ignite sparks and trouble on the front of this cap.
  • Ursula Cropped Hoodie for Women – Ursula reigns with a villainous smirk on this acid-washed cropped hoodie. We feel sorry for the poor unfortunate souls who aren’t wrapped in its cozy fleece lining.

  • Ariel Leggings for Women – Ariel waited so long to walk on land – treasure your swimmers by dressing them up in a gorgeous ombré design, reminiscent her fins. Iridescent scales make this The Little Mermaid inspiration a pair that you need to make a part of your world!
  • Prince Eric Freezable Travel Water Bottle – Hitting your water goals will be a breeze with the ever-dreamy Prince Eric to accompany each sip. Flaunt your membership of the ”Prince Eric Appreciation Club” with this freezable bottle – he’ll warm your heart while your drink stays refreshingly cold.
  • Ariel Slides for Adults – Make these slides a part of your world at the pool, beach, or when a fresh pedicure adds pep to your new step. Ariel sings on the curved soles of these slip-on sandals from Oh My Disney featuring a sequined purple upper, like a glamorous mermaid top.

  • Ariel Tie-Waist Tank Top for Women – The silhouetted figure of Ariel sits above a quote from The Little Mermaid on this tank top. The handkerchief hem ties into a knot at the waist so you’ll feel anything but a guppy when you stroll about on shore.
  • The Little Mermaid 2-Piece Pouch Set – Store your dinglehoppers, snarfblatts and thingamabobs in this Little Mermaid pouch set from Oh My Disney. Ariel’s friends Sebastian and Flounder make a splash as they protect your undersea treasures.

You can find the full Oh My Disney Pool Party Collection exclusively at your local Disney store and shopDisney HERE now!

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