Okay, But First Things First – Spaceship Earth!

Whenever I go to Epcot, I have to let everyone I’m with know that we will definitely explore the whole park. But, first things first – Spaceship Earth! Do you race to this attraction as well? If so, today’s Etsy discovery is perfect for you!

This Spaceship Earth inspired tee is perfect for the ultimate Disney fan who cannot get enough of this classic attraction. I just love how big and bold Spaceship Earth is in this design! It definitely shows off exactly what attraction you are representing. This design is available in both white (shown above) and in gray, so you have your choice of which look you want to go with.

I actually like to start and end my day at Epcot with a journey on Spaceship Earth. What can I say? I love the narration and the scents of Rome burning. That doesn’t make me weird – that makes me a Disney fan! You can get this fun tee on Etsy from somanygreatthings HERE. Pricing starts at just $14.29!

Now that we have our Epcot outfits sorted, first things first – Spaceship Earth!

What do you think? Is Spaceship Earth one of your first stops at Epcot or do you race to another attraction instead? Let me know in the comment section below!

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Monica V