Pack All Of Your Favorite Ears In These Adorable Ear-Sized Bags

I absolutely love having a pair of ears for every occasion, but I have found that they are often hard to pack and carry safely because of their size and shape.  Luckily, Mila Mouse Ears has a wide variety of adorable Disney-Themed Ear Bags that are perfect for carrying your favorite ears (or anything else you might need)!  Each bag is big enough to hold three pairs of regular stuffed ears or four pairs of 3D-printed ears!  There are so many incredible designs available, so I have to show off a few of my favorites!

The first ear bag is this adorable Mouse Ears Go With Everything Bag that is so adorable and features mouse ears along with the phrase “mouse ears go with anything.”  How perfect is that!?


The second is this Seven Dwarfs Bag that makes me feel like I’m about to go off to work with our seven favorite miners!  Not only is the design adorable, but this bag is also bedazzled!


This Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Bag gives me super amazing bridal vibes!  How great would this be for a bridal party gift!?  Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo–here’s your something blue!

I adore all of the Mickey Mouse Club merchandise that has been released recently, and this Mouse Club Ear Bag matches perfectly.  It is an instant classic–just like Mickey!  


I love all of these bags so much that I want to buy one of each just to use them for random things around my house!  If you’re like me and want to purchase one (or a few) of these adorable Ear bags, or you want to check out some of the other amazing options, you can find them all HERE!  


Which one of these Ear bags is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below!


Thanks to guest blogger Lindsey N for this info!

Lindsey N. is a proud military wife and dog mom to an adorable Chihuahua named Jack Sparrow… Captain Jack Sparrow, that is! She is obsessed with all things Disney, and two of her favorite hobbies are shopping and visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. It is especially magical when she gets to do both at the same time!


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