Pandora Essence Collection Finally Adding Disney Charms!


Yesterday, I shared the news of all the new Disney Pandora jewelry coming our way the rest of this year but I left something out. I thought it deserved its own announcement. The Pandora Essence Collection is finally adding Disney charms!


I had no idea what the Pandora Essence Collection was. I admit it. It turns out that this is the most popular collection Pandora sells! These charms are smaller and are more neutral than the other charms, according to the cast members at the Pandora store in Disney Springs. The charms all have meaning like joy, loyalty and generosity.


Each charm has meaning? How cool is that? There has never been a Disney presence in this collection but fashionistas have been asking for it to be added since Disney collaborated with Pandora years ago. Dreams do come true!

We are assuming that more Disney charms will be added in the future but the ones being released this Fall are Mickey and Minnie in rose gold and silver. They are just stunning. In fact, the charms for the Essence Collection, in general, are just lovely. I’m embarrassed I had not paid attention previously.

UPDATE- They are now available!!! I have seen them at Uptown Jewelers and Ever After Jewelry Co!

Are you one of the fashionistas that has been waiting for Disney to be added to the Pandora Essence Collection? Let us know in the comment section below!


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