Pizza Planet Spirit Jersey Takes Style To Infinity And Beyond

Pizza Planet Spirit Jersey

Blast off to infinity and beyond with the fun new Pizza Planet Spirit Jersey! This Spirit Jersey is probably one of my favorites yet. It is of course inspired by the iconic restaurant from the Toy Story films! We spotted this fab new jersey at Walt Disney World.

This jersey is perfect for showing off our Toy Story nostalgia. Not to mention, it would also go great with the Toy Story leggings. It is a bright and cheerful red, just like the logo from the movie. The Pizza Planet logo blazes across the back in white puffed ink too.

On the front is the Pizza Planet logo again, but this time the logo has a friend. Which friend might you ask?

By friend, of course, I mean one of the lovable Green Aliens from the claw game! I especially love that they made the alien full color with the blues and greens, instead of just a white silhouette too.

Running down the sleeve is also a cascade of white check squares. It’s a small detail but definitely gives the jersey an old school pizzeria vibe. The jersey comes in sizes XS to XXL, and retails for $64.99. Now we just need a Poultry Palace Spirit Jersey, am I right?!

What do you think of the vibrant new Pizza Planet Spirit Jersey?

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