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Power Up With Enchanting Disney Phone Charger Charms

Disney Phone Charger Charms

These days we’re using our phones a lot more, which means charging them more too. So why not spoil our phone chargers with a little bit of Disney magic? These enchanting Disney Phone Charger Charms would definitely be a treat!

Disney Phone Charger Charms

The Etsy designer Dolphinitely Designs makes these darling charms inspired by a variety of Disney characters and icons. These “Charger Charms” are made to slip easily over Apple USB Charger cubes. The USB hole is measured to specifically fit Apple charging cords for a snug fit as well. Unfortunately, there are none made specifically for Droid chargers. So they may not fit perfectly.

Disney Phone Charger Charms

Fun varieties include 3d printed Disney characters and icons. You can also get glittery resin-coated Mickey and Minnie selections too! Some notable designs include Baby Yoda, the Luxo Ball, and the Sorcerer Mickey hat! My personal favorites are the sparkly resin ones and Sorcerer Mickey hat.

These make a fun and enchanting way to add a little magic to the home. We can all use a little more Disney magic while spending more time at home lately too. I can get one for every room, right?

Which of these whimsical Disney Phone Charger Charms is your favorite?

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