Are You Ready to Have the Best Day Ever? Check Out This Rapunzel Inspired Shirt

To be honest, any day spent at Disney Parks could qualify as the best day ever. We all know that a rainy day at Disney is better than a sunny day anywhere else. When I’m at Disney, I like to dress the part. I might Disneybound, or wear a shirt from my favorite attraction, or wear something that lets everyone know I’m having the best day ever.

Rapunzel is no stranger to adventure and great days. That’s why this shirt is perfect for wearing when you want to have the best day ever.

Rapunzel looks fabulous on this design wearing her bright pink Minnie Mouse ears and posing with her best friend, Pascal. I really love the pink of the Minnie Mouse ears are the only color used on this design. It really makes them the focal point! Another great aspect of this design is that Rapunzel is wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt! How cute is that?! I don’t know about you, but I can totally picture Rapunzel hanging out at Disneyland, wearing her Mickey shirt and eating a churro.

I also like that this shirt is white, which will help to keep you cool when you are adventuring around the Disney Parks. I’m a bit (okay, a lot) clumsy so my only concern is that I will look like a Jackson Pollok painting before the day is over. But getting a little dirty is a small price to pay when you are having the Best Day Ever! Don’t you agree?

If you are ready to head out on your own adventure, first head over to LukreativeDesign on Etsy to check out this adorable Rapunzel inspired design.

If you could create your own personal “best day ever” at Disney Parks, what would it include? Tell me all about your ideal day in the comments!

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Monica V