Romantic Lady and the Tramp Necklace Celebrates Love

Lady and the Tramp Necklace

Lady and the Tramp’s Bella Notte scene is one of the most romantic scenes in Disney animated films! Crislu has now captured this romantic moment in a stunning Lady and the Tramp necklace.

Lady and the Tramp Necklace

The iconic moment where Lady and Tramp share a plate of spaghetti and meatballs has long been a pop culture romance favorite. I really can’t even get over how impressed I am with Crislu for capturing this so perfectly. Lady and the Tramp are attached to a delicate gold chain. The pendant of course has a plate of spaghetti and meatballs in front of them. What is really beautiful about this necklace though, is the detail created with the chain. The chain connects to form the infamous strand of spaghetti! Honestly, the creativity and craftsmanship of this necklace is truly a work of art! The meatballs are also gems!

We found the stunning necklace at Ever After Jewelry Co. & Accessories and Uptown Jewelers, and it retails for $125.00. This is a sensational Valentine’s Day idea for Disney Fashionistas too!

Do you love the idea of a Bella Notte necklace, but need something a little more affordable? Don’t worry you can also find a cute costume jewelry piece featuring the spaghetti scene at Hot Topic!

What do you think of the enchanting new Lady and the Tramp Necklace by Crislu?

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