Say Bonjour To The New Aristocats Dooney and Bourke Collection Coming Soon!

I am officially dying! I am a huge Aristocats fan (Marie is my fave). Imagine my surprise to learn there is a new Aristocats Dooney and Bourke Collection being released at Ever After Jewelry Co in Disney Springs this Friday!

The window at Ever After Jewelry Co in Disney Springs had a sneak peek of the bags and I may have left a little drool because this is a dream come true for this wannabe Parisian. There are 3 silhouettes that we know of. One is this barrel bag. It is hot pink (OMG!) with images of  Duchess, Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz. The trim is a fabulous cognac color with a hot pink flash.

Let’s talk more about the overall pattern because I feel like this bag was made for me. It is so FRENCH! The Fleur de Lis, the Eiffel Tower, the bridges the chaises….. I feel like I could live in this pattern.

There is also a tote that is much easier to get a perfect placement on, admittedly. It is a zipper top tote that keeps things nice and secure. I am a huge fan of that.

The winner for me is the wristlet. It is two-sided with a different pattern on each side! The one side can be seen in the tote picture. The three kittens are singing their little hearts out (Personally I hope they are singing Everybody Wants to be A Cat). The front is actually an image of the Eiffel tower with the three Aristocats out for a stroll. It’s a must-have piece in my opinion.

I don’t have prices but these bags are being released on Friday, December 20th at Ever After Jewelry Co in Disney Springs so we will have more info then, including the lining (please have paw prints). Will they arrive on shopDisney? Not sure. If you know a Disney fashionista as obsessed with cats and the French culture as I am, you can always order through a personal shopper. I would recommend the preferred personal shopper of the Disney Fashionista,

What do you think of the new Aristocats Dooney and Bourke Collection? Will you be saying bonjour to one of these bags? Let us know in the comments!

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