Settle In For a Disney Binge Watching Marathon With These Blankets

We have had a few excellent weeks of Disney+! Have you settled in for a Disney binge watching marathon yet? I have had a few already! Over the holiday break, I binged The Imagineering Story and it was so excellent! And of course, I’ve been keeping up with The Mandalorian and all the Baby Yoda memes. But to make a Disney marathon truly something special, you need a few key things.

First, snacks! You can’t have a proper television marathon when you are constantly getting up for snacks. Make sure you have your favorites close at hand before you settle in. Next, you need a comfy couch or bed – this is key to binge watching success! Then, put on your favorite jammies or sweats. And finally, grab a cozy blanket to cuddle up with.

And speaking of cozy blankets, these blankets from CountryChicDesignLLC on Etsy are absolutely perfect for a Disney binge watching marathon! Available in two different styles, these blankets will keep you comfy and cozy throughout the long hours spent in front of the television.

The first style is this lovely plush blanket. It is absolutely perfect for those cold winter days. This blanket will be your new favorite thing to cozy up with. It’s ultra-soft and super snuggly. And it comes in this light gray color that’s neutral enough for any style living room or bedroom. You can find this style HERE.

This second style is a Sweater Fleece Throw Blanket and is a great option for someone looking to stay warm and stylish at the same time. Since it’s a “sweater” throw blanket, it’s softer than the typical decorative throw blanket made out of polyester. It’s unbelievably soft and feels extra smooth against your skin making it even easier to stay bundled up on a cold night. Enjoy this throw blanket while you’re reading a good book, working on a puzzle, or lounging around the house. You can find this stylish blanket HERE.

Are you ready for the ultimate Disney binge watching session? Get those snacks ready and get yourself one of these extra cuddly blankets before you settle in.

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Monica V