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Show The Hardworking Disney Cast Members How Much You Appreciate Them

One of the things that makes Disney so magical is the Cast Members. We have (hopefully) all come across those special Cast Members who go above and beyond to add that extra touch of pixie dust to our Disney day. Maybe you’ve received a complimentary treat on your birthday. Or maybe you had an extra special meet and greet with a favorite character. Whatever the situation may be, Disney Cast Members are so good at what they do!

Now, there is a way to show your satisfaction! These buttons are perfect for handing out to those extra magical Cast Members that you come across when you’re on your next Disney vacation.

The classic red, white and black color palette will never go out of style! Just ask Mickey and Minnie and they will tell you that this combo is timeless. The button design features a sold black Mickey head icon and with the words “Best Cast Member Ever” written across the bottom of the button. The Disney Cast Members work so hard to make every guest feel special. Why not make them feel special in return?

You can find these buttons on Etsy from TangledCelebrations HERE for just $3.94 each.

Another excellent way to acknowledge a Disney Cast Member is to go to Guest Relations. Simply take the name of the Cast Member, the location you encountered them, and the approximate time to Guest Relations. They will help you fill out a “Great Service Fanatic Award.” These notes are presented to the Cast Member and they can actually use them to enter drawings to win prizes! Not many guests know about this, so getting one of these awards is such a great treat!

How do you like to thank those extra special Cast Members? Let me know in the comment section below!

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