Spectacular Deals From Some Of Our Fave Small Shops For Black Friday!

It’s Thanksgiving! After all the yumminess and family time, it’s time for me to get my shopping on with my fave small shops. I know things have gotten a little crazy in recent years with sales starting in-store on Thanksgiving. If you aren’t one to want to fight for that deal at Walmart, perhaps shopping with some of our favorite small businesses from the comfort of your couch is the way to go! Here is just a sampling of some deals I am personally checking out.

There are so many deals happening at BDI Products I don’t even know where to start! I think the easiest way is to just list what they are offering!

Black Friday:

❄️Buy any 3 Magic Band Buddies, get an exclusive Key Magic Band Buddy of your choice.
❄️Buy a value pack of Letter Board Little, get an exclusive set of Skyliner Littles; buy 2 value packs, get an exclusive set of monorail and skyliner littles!

❄️Spend $55 in Mirrors/Shelves, get an exclusive retro Epcot mirror in your choice of color from 5 options

❄️Spend $35 in desk decor, get a free character container of your choice.

❄️Spend $55 in Seasonal get exclusive key ornament set for free.
❄️Spend $7 in “Mousellaneous” get a free random t-shirt. (In your size requested)

* while supplies last
*all orders over $35 also get FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING

I’m sorry but WOW! That’s a lot of deals and you can find them all HERE. The sale starts today at 6pm EST to Sunday at midnight.

Lake Buena Visitors

This is one of my favorite shops. They actually make sure you are ordering the right size tee based on measurements (she messages you!!!). The customer service is insanely awesome. For Black Friday there is up to 40% off select items including dresses and phone cases. The sale has already started so make sure to check it out! They are also doing giveaways with 10 random orders over the weekend!

Main Street Bella

This is the kind of gift I enjoy because you can share it! Buy something you have been dying to get from Main Street Bella (Merida shoes!) and gift the gift card to someone else for the holidays!

Pin Lounge

I have a special place in my heart for Pin Lounge. They created the Starbucks Disney Fashionista pin and now it’s on sale! 30% off of most of the store, in fact, so pin traders get ready for the time of your life!


I don’t have any extra deals for Steevillabs BUT I do have a discount code for Disney Fashionista readers! Get 10% off your purchase by entering Fashionista10. It’s always nice to get more money off, am I right?

There are many other deals out there this weekend, even more from our fave small shops, so make sure to know your prices in advance before someone pulls one over on you (Walmart does this sometimes). Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping, fashionistas!lounge,

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