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Stay Hydrated and Fabulous With Sparkly Disney Water Bottles

One New Year’s resolution that I hear people say over and over again is that they want to drink more water. Staying hydrated is so important to your health! It makes your body work better, keeps your hair, skin, and nails looking good, and also provides a chance to accessorize.

Okay, maybe that last one caught you a little off guard, but it’s true! You can stay hydrated and fabulous with sparkly Disney inspired water bottles.

These personalized bottles are perfect for staying hydrated on your Disney trip, at the gym, or at the office. They also make an amazing gift for a Disney lover! These sparkly water bottles are available in 4 different colors so you are sure to find the glitter option that speaks to your soul.

Each water bottle is 25cm tall and includes a screw-top lid. They are double walled with sequin glitter in between. All you have to do is give your water bottle a shake and the glitter will stick to the walls for a fun, confetti style appeal.

Plus, as you probably noticed, you can personalize these water bottles with your name, written in Disney font. I just love the Disney font, don’t you?

These Disney inspired glitter water bottles are perfect for crushing your water goals and staying fabulous all at the same time. Head over to JustBeBohoDesigns on Etsy HERE to pick one up for less than $20.00.

Okay, writing all that made me thirsty. Time to go grab some water!

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