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Stay on Point with these Trendy Disney Cell Phone Holders!

Have you seen the newest phone accessory trend PopSockets yet? These handy little gadgets give your phone a secure grip for texting or taking selfies, and propping your phone up for catching the latest video. What could be better? Why, Disney PopSockets/ cell phone holders! of course!

Siply Sophisticated has designed gorgeous Disney themed PopSockets, to make these amazing little accessories even more magical! You can get a whole host of beautiful designs, including Disney Princesses, Mickey and Friends, and many other characters from Disney and PIXAR. You can even get some of these little beauties with glitter!

PopSockets are really handy for an on the go phone stand or cord wrap, but using them as a grip helps with comfort too! Holding them by the pop socket eases up the strain on your wrist, and help you hold your phone while taking a selfie, or video chatting.

With so many Disney themes and characters to choose from, it’s hard to decide which one to get first! You can check out these designs, plus dozens of other whimsical designs HERE! If you haven’t already turned to the PopSocket side, what better way to check it out than with a bit of Disney flair?

Which one of thee Disney PopSockets/cell phone holders is your favorite?

You can find them HERE!

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