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Style And Merriment Are The Center Of The Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail!

One of the things that I love most about the holidays at Disney Parks is the decor. The music on the background is also quite lovely. Fortunately for me, the Christmas Tree Trail at Disney Springs celebrates style and merriment in the decor and the music!


There are 27 trees in total and each one is themed to perfection. I definitely have my favorites but with 27 to choose from, it makes narrowing down the must have ornaments very difficult. Allow me to share with you what I am talking about.

Each tree showcases ornaments themed to that character. For example, the above tree is Pluto themed and there is an adorable Pluto ornament showcased.

Notice that the showcased ornaments even tell you where they can be purchased. That is genius if I do say so myself!

Take a close look at the top of this tree. Any guesses to the theme?

Not all of the décor is Disney but it is definitely themed to the movie or character the theme is based on. The Little Mermaid tree has shells and thingamabobs!

My favorite part of the Sleeping Beauty tree is the hats of the fairies!

Olaf is definitely the star of the Frozen inspired tree. Check out the carrots at the top of the tree!

Mulan’s tree has a lot of cherry blossoms on it which was very different from the rest of the trees.

Look at all the different nuances of the Snow White tree. Dopey, the poison apple, large gems and Snow White’s forest friends can all be found on this tree!

The Haunted Mansion inspired tree is new this year and I will say it is one of my favorites. The bride is everything! This tree is a must see!

Pinocchio’s hat is the tree topper on this tree.

Cruella’s red glove coming out of the top of this 101 Dalmatian inspired tree lands it in my top 3. It is creepy and fabulous at the same time.

Cinderella fans will be pleased to know the ornament featured is her glass slipper.

The Villain inspired tree features Ursula’s tentacles coming out of the tree. Spectacular! I want to have a Villain tree at my house!

Circus inspired ornaments comprise the majority of the ornaments on the Dumbo inspired tree.

Star Wars fans will enjoy the new Star Wars inspired trees this year! The light saber tree toppers are inspired.

The Robin Hood inspired tree even had wanted posters!

The Peter Pan inspired tree featured many of our favorite characters from the film and not just Peter.

The Tangled inspired tree is spectacular. There are lanterns and flowers and frying pans…. This is tied for my favorite. I am in love with this tree.


You can even meet Santa while on the Christmas Tree Trail. Just make sure to sign in first so you can enjoy yourself exploring the trail while you wait. You don’t have to stand in a long line to see Saint Nick.

Which of the Disney inspired Christmas trees is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!


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