Summer is the Perfect Time To Rock Your Lilo Style

Throughout the summer, I love to rock tropical vibes, bright colors, and just generally have a bit of fun with my fashion. Lilo is the perfect character to emulate during this time! Her bright red dress features a tropical pattern and she definitely knows how to have fun!

This Lilo inspired headband is perfect for any summer festival, farmer’s market, or day trip to the Disney Parks.


This knotty headband is sewn (not glued) and the top knot is removable in case you’d just like a regular headband sometimes without the bow. But of course, we here at The Disney Fashionista are all about the bows! These headbands are a one size fits most headband that will work for kids and adults.

Pair this headband with a fun Lilo and Stitch tank top or summer dress for the ultimate fan look! Or, just pair with a solid color for that extra pop of Disney style.

You can find this headband on Etsy from PagingTom HERE for just $13.99. Happy shopping!

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Monica V

Monica lives in Ann Arbor, MI. She is a former Disney Cast Member (via the Disney College Program Fall 2011) and a current Disney Addict.
Monica V