Take Care Of Your Pride With the Lion King Collection From Petunia Pickle Bottom!

Many of us have come to expect amazing things when we look to Petunia Pickle Bottom and her collections. The designs are always on point and the quality is excellent. The new Lion King Collection is one of my favorites she has done, though, and I would be happy to take care of my pride while carrying this bag!


What I love about this design that it is totally neutral. I know many a dad that would be fine with carrying this while out and about with the family. The other thing about these bags is that they completely transform from diaper bags to backpacks for family outings after the kids are older and aren’t in need of diapers anymore! For the cost of these bags, versatility is a must!

The bottom of the bag is where you can keep breast milk, formula snacks or what have you. There is an ice pack you can purchase to go with this (or you can use one you already have). It’s super handy to have this built-in yet still separate. It can be found HERE for $179.95.

Can we please talk about this piece? It’s for pacifiers! The idea of being able to keep this separate is simply genius. No searching in the big bag anymore! Not to mention it’s the most adorable little thing I’ve seen in a while! It can be found HERE for $16.95.

If you do want to keep everything matching, you can grab the cooling pack to match for $29.99 on shopDisney HERE as well.

Now, I don’t have any little guys around but I am thinking shower gifts and just a family backpack at the moment. Anything to actually buy this fab collection! You can find it all on shopDisney now.

What do you think of the Lion King Collection from Petunia Pickle Bottom? Let us know in the comment box below!

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