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The Adorable Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway Merchandise Is Here!

We are so excited for the grand opening of Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway because that means that there is fabulous new merchandise!  This fun new cartoon adventure at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is adorable, so you know the merchandise is going to be just as amazing!  We already gave you a preview of some of the fabulous Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway Merchandise, but there is so much amazingness that we had to show you more!

First off, I have to show you the adorable ears inspired by the attraction!  The ears are actually clear bubbles!  One ear features Mickey and the other features Minnie!  In the center of the two ears there is the adorable iconic train on a spring!  It is a runaway train after all!  The headband even has the words “Nothing can stop us now” embroidered on the side!  These are $29.99!

There are also tees for the entire family!  This shirt for kids features adorable scenes from the attraction!  Each one of the patches has real stitching around it.  You can even spot the logo for the attraction at the bottom of the shirt!  It is $39.99!

This shirt for kids is one of my favorites and features Goofy in the train with the ride vehicles in the background.  It features the words “Gawrsh, What could possibly go wrong!??”  It is $17.99!

This other shirt for kids features Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto on their picnic!  It also features the name of the attraction at the top of the shirt!  I love this graphic because all three of them look so adorable and happy!

This shirt for kids might be my favorite because it features the words “Nothing can stop us now!” along with Goofy conducting the train and Minnie and Mickey driving along in their car!  It also has the attraction logo at the bottom.  It is $19.00

I can’t forget this fabulous little pink tutu dress featuring Daisy Duck!  If they made this in my size, I would definitely buy it!  It is $34.99!

This shirt for ladies is this adorable top that features a colorful image of Mickey and Minnie on the train headed to their next adventure!  It also features the attraction logo at the top!  It is $36.99!

There is even an adorable little sweatshirt for ladies!  It features Mickey and Minnie on the train happily going on their next adventure!  It also has the attraction logo embroidered on the shoulder in red to match Minnie’s embroidered red hat!  You can even spot Chuuby on the back shoulder!  It is $44.99!

This shirt for men features Goofy conducting his runaway train!  You can even see the ride vehicles behind him!  The attraction logo is on the bottom of the graphic.  It is $36.99!

This other shirt for men features the Mickey and Minnie on the train graphic with the name of the attraction.  This tee also features the Disney’s Hollywood Studios logo at the bottom!  It is $24.99!

This last shirt for men features the words “Nothing can stop us now!” along with the attraction logo at the bottom of the shirt.  In the background, you can spot the train!  It is $36.99!

I am a huge fan of wearing the shirts for men because I get extra length to wear with leggings, which brings us to this gorgeous pair!  These fabulous leggings feature our favorite lovebirds, Mickey and Minnie, holding hands, happily strolling along, and even giving each other a smooch!  How precious are these!?  There are even little yellow flowers, and the blue background color is gorgeous!  These are $39.99!

If you want to dress from head to toe for this attraction, you can! There is even an adorable conductor’s hat that has the train logo on the front!  You can be just like Goofy!

There are plenty of adorable gifts available, too!  First is this precious blue MagicBand that features Goofy in the train on one side and Mickey and Minnie in their car on the other.  It also features the adorable little chubby bird, Chuuby, and the attraction logo!  It is $29.99!

The body of this precious Ear Hat ornament is the train!  The front of the ears feature Mickey on one ear and Minnie on the other!  The back of the ears feature Pluto with his picnic basket full of sausage on one ear and the smiling sun on the other!  You can also see the train logo on the back and the attraction logo on the sides!  If you look at the bottom of the ornament, you can see the picnic basket with some of their goodies along with the designer’s name!  It is $24.99!

The other ornament that is available is this classic ornament that features Mickey and Minnie in the train on the front!  The back features the attraction logo, the Disney’s Hollywood Studios logo, and the words “Adventure begins 2020.”  This would be a great souvenir!  It is $14.99!

This tornado toy is so fun and spins with tons of colorful little beads inside!  It has the attraction logo down at the bottom, and it even lights up and plays the music from the attraction!

There is even a train whistle that has the train on top and Goofy sticking his head out!  How cute is that!?  It has a strap so you can wear it around your neck!  It is $12.99!

There is also a little toy train that pulls the ride vehicle!  It is basically a miniature version of the attraction, and I’m absolutely in love!

This adorable tumbler features the attraction logo, plenty of picnic food, Chuuby, and other characters and items you’ll spot in the attraction!  The other side of the tumbler features Mickey and Minnie happily driving along in their car!  The straw is even a corkscrew shape, just like a tornado!  It is $19.99!

Of course, there is a precious keychain to go with this collection, and it features that adorable image of Mickey and Minnie in their car surrounded by items from the attraction!

For our pin collectors, there is even a pin!  It features the attraction logo, a smiling sun, and Mickey and Minnie in their car!

There is a plush Mickey and Minnie that are absolutely precious! Minnie even has Chuuby on her shoulder!  Mickey and Minnie have magnets in their hands so they hold hands!  I think I might need to get them!  They are $29.99!

If you love Disney Parks artwork, you’re going to love this amazing attraction poster-style picture!  It features Goofy conducting the train, Mickey and Minnie speeding by in their car, a very happy sun, and the attraction logo.  It is $39.99!

There is also this adorable square mug!  The mug is actually the train and features Goofy and the attraction logo!  I think this might be better for holding pins or other items on a desk than for drinking!  It is $22.99!

There is even an adorable Goofy Conductor Wishable that looks adorable inside the mug!  Of course, there are also bling bag Wishables available that include Daisy, Mickey and Minnie in the car, Chuuby, and the train!  All of the Wishables are $9.99!

All of this Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway merchandise is so adorable!  Which item is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below!

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