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The Deliciously Cute Lollipop Minnie Mouse Ears Have Arrived

Lollipop Minnie Mouse Ears

The delectable Lollipop Minnie Mouse Ears we’ve all been waiting for have finally debuted! These highly anticipated ears are ready to take a bite out of Disney fashion, in the cutest and tastiest way possible.


We’ve already checked them out in a sneak peek before, but they are gorgeous up close and in person. The lollipop ears are hard plastic, which helps keep that candy-coated look. They are also hollow, so they won’t be to heavy to wear as well. For extra candy detailing, the bow is inspired by the old fashion wrapped hard candies. The “wrapper” is intensely shimmery too! These are now the third Disney treats inspired Minnie Ears, and we can’t wait to get our snack style on!

If you’re craving these sweet new Minnie Mouse Ears, be sure to email our preferred personal shopper at [email protected], to see if she can satisfy your stylish sweet tooth.

Will you be adding these adorably sweet new Lollipop Minnie Mouse Ears to your collection?

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