The Disney Cats Dooney and Bourke Collection Is The Cat’s Meow!

It’s here! We’ve only known for 24 hours that there was a Disney Cats Doney and Bourke Collection being released today so it’s not like we’ve been waiting forever but for fashionistas like me, it’s been a very high octane 24 hours. I’ve been waiting for a new Disney Cats print for a while!

There are 4 silhouettes in this collection. There is a tote bag, a satchel, and a crossbody but then there is also an AP mini dome bag! I am thrilled with the variety and my favorite, of course, is the AP bag. Thankfully, I am an AP and I am setting my sights on that one!

The pattern itself includes some of our favorite Disney Cats. It includes Figaro, Lucifer (Cinderella); Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland); Si & Am (Lady and the Tramp); Sgt. Tibbs (101 Dalmatians); Bagheera (The Jungle Book); Duchess, O’Malley, Marie, Toulouse, Berlioz, Scat Cat (The Aristocats); Rufus (The Rescuers); Oliver (Oliver & Company), Rajah (Aladdin); Simba (The Lion King), Mittens (Bolt), and Mochi (Big Hero 6)

The tote is a large tote and has a magnetic closure, not a zipper. For me, this isn’t completely practical when you are traveling but it does have quick access benefits! The tote has slip pockets to keep your cell phone in a safe place, though. This bag retails for $268.

The satchel is super cute! I love the tassels and the side pockets on the outside for your phone. It is a larger bowler bag so hopefully, the will bring back the smaller version soon. I like a bag a bit smaller. This one is $298 and therefore the most expensive of all 4.

This is a crossbody foldover bag and it is much roomier than you would think with lots of little hiding places for phones and such. This bag is rather difficult to get good placement because of the super large print so, if placement is a big deal for you (it was for me) I suggest using a personal shopper. We recommend

The dome satchel is the AP exclusive silhouette and it is the one I got. Placement was better on this bag than the crossbody. The bigger the bag, the better the placement. The hangtag is a standard AP hangtag, nothing super special about it. This bag retails for $268 and it is NOT online.

The lining is s delightful hot pink! I love pink so I am thrilled. It goes perfectly with the lighter pink of the bags themselves.

All of the bags, with the exception of the AP bag, are available on shopDisney HERE.  What do you think of the new Disney Cats Dooney and Bourke? Do you like this better than the old print? Let us know in the comment box below!



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