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The Disney Parks ABC Collection Has Finally Arrived Online!

We have been waiting forever for the Disney Parks ABC Collection to arrive online. This collection arrived at the parks a few weeks before they were closed (temporarily!!) and has seemingly taken forever to pop up online. The wait is over and you won’t want to miss this!

The apron is one of my favorite pieces. I love the concept of the ABC Collection, with each letter representing something magical that starts with that letter. The problem for some of us is that the letter you may choose (like the one your name starts with) may not be your favorite design. Enter the apron! You get all of the letters and some of the other characters as well! This one retails for $34.99 HERE.


The mugs are a great way to get your morning off on the run foot. Now, the letters may not stand for what you would think. When I look at the first one, I was not thinking Riverboats, I can tell you that! Or, when I look at the gorgeous illustration of Ariel, I do not think Under the Sea. I think Little Mermaid or Ariel. They got tricky on us! These mugs are available for $14.99 each.

I think the trinket trays are precious! The patterns are the same as on the mugs but, if you are like me, you probably already have way too many mugs (if that’s possible). These would make a fantastic gift for a new bride to be! You could get one representing her new last name! Cute idea, right? These are $17.99 each.

If you aren’t much of an apron wearer, the other way to get the all-over design is with this fleece throw. I keep my house quite cold year round and love to have a blanket across me when I am on the couch. This blanket would be a great option! It retails for $39.99 HERE.

You can find the entire collection HERE.

Many of us were waiting for the Disney Parks ABC Collection to show up online so we could purchase it and ship it home for free with the shipmagic code. Okay, if you aren’t buying $75 worth it may not be free but it’s a lot less than paying for suitcase overweight charges! With all the kitchenware alone the weight adds up!

Are you excited to see the Disney Parks ABC Collection online?

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