The Fox and the Hound Loungefly Collection Is Giving us The Feels

Fox and the Hound Loungefly

There are some movies that just hit you in the feels, and the Fox and the Hound is one of them! When I saw the cute new Fox and the Hound Loungefly Collection, I went from awe so cute to, awe my heart in about 3.5 seconds. It was a range of emotions, and I won’t deny it!

The collection features a mini backpack and a cardholder. Both feature Copper and Tod being playful. Both are available now from too!

Fox and the Hound backpack

The backpack really stands out to me for this collection, because of its unique shape! It has a more square-like shape and features a higher up zipper for the front pocket. On the front, you’ll find Copper and Tod playing in the water, while on the back you’ll find a small print of them running off to play. The bag also has adjustable straps and is lined with a gorgeous red print of Copper and Tod. The backpack retails for $75.00.

Fox and the Hound cardholder

Speaking of unique shapes, even the cardholder has a unique shape! Instead of the traditional rectangle, this is more of a boat shape! Todd playfully plays peek-a-boo with Copper on a log in the front of this cardholder. There are four card slots on the back, while the main compartment has a fun tassel and a zipper compartment for change.

Did you get the feels from this adorable newFox and the Hound Loungefly collection too?

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