The New Disney Stories Collection At Uniqlo Is Fabulous

Uniqlo is always one of our must-stop shops when we visit Disney Springs, and I am in love with this new Disney Stories Collection!  A lot of these pieces are available online from Uniqlo, but I love seeing them in person!  They are always even better in real life!  This fabulous collection for the whole family is meant to evoke happy memories of reading Disney Stories when we were younger by featuring quotes and illustrations from classic Disney books!  I definitely think this collection is unique and evokes those happy emotions!

We stopped by Disney Springs to get some photos of this line, so I am going to share those with you!  There are tons of amazing tees and sweatshirts for kids and adults!

Tees include simple designs like this black tee that has Mickey and Donald holding a Walt Disney Story Books sign and this red tee with a rushed Mickey and the words “Mickey came back in a great hurry.”

There is also this beige tee that features Mickey and the quote “Mickey Never Fails” and this blue tee featuring Donald and the words “Donald’s Lucky Day.”

There is even this white tee featuring Mickey, Donald, and Minnie on pages that look like they were pulled right out of a storybook and this black shirt featuring Mickey being brave with the quote “I’m not afraid. I’m doing this. Stay right where you are.”

Don’t worry–there are also plenty of designs that feature Minnie Mouse, the original Disney fashionista!

This kid’s tee featuring a drenched (and angry) Mickey, Goofy, and Donald along with the quote “We’d better go home.” is perfect for so many kids!

For those of you like me who live in sweatshirts, there are plenty of those, too!  There are these fabulous long hoodie sweatshirt dresses that I think would be perfect to wear with leggings!  The black one has a graphic of Donald and Mickey happily waving, and the purple one has some of our favorite characters including Minnie, Mickey, Pluto, and Donald along with the words “School Days In Disneyville.”

There are also classic hoodies like this white hoodie featuring Mickey with an overflowing bubble bath and this blue one with the same “School Days In Disneyville” graphic!

If you prefer crewneck sweatshirts, there are plenty of adorable options for you too!  There is this black sweatshirt featuring Mickey in painted overalls, this navy sweatshirt featuring Mickey and Donald holding the Walt Disney Story Books sign, and this lovely green sweatshirt with an embroidered Donald!  The sleeve even has the words “Chapter 1 Donald Sets Out” embroidered at the cuff!

Don’t worry, there are also plenty of adorable sweatshirts for kids like this light pink one featuring Minnie and Mickey happily sitting on a fence with the quote “How nice!”

Make sure you stop by Uniqlo during your next trip to Disney Springs to check out this fabulous collection and all of the other incredible merchandise available there!  You can also browse this collection online HERE!

Which one of these pieces from the Disney Stories Collection is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below!

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