The Park Life Dooney and Bourke Collection Is Almost Here!

It’s been a couple of months since I shared the sneak peek of the Park Life Dooney and Bourke Collection and my messages have been blowing up. When? How much? Is it only for annual passholders? I have some of the answers, finally, and one of them is the release date!

It looks like Ever After Jewelry Co at Disney Springs is going to have the new collection this Friday, January 10th. I feel like we have been waiting for this collection forever so Friday cannot come soon enough. Thanks to the sneak peek in the window, we know there are 3 more silhouettes coming for sure. This is in addition to the annual passholder silhouette !

We had shared the tote in November and this is the annual passholder silhouette. This is going to be a popular one. What we didn’t know at the time was what other silhouettes might exist.

There will also be a smaller tote that will not be an annual passholder bag!

It looks like there will be a satchel available. This is not the typical satchel design, as you can see. It has a double pocket on the front which I actually love! This allows for a quick stash of a phone or lipstick without having to search inside the bag. Love this!

I think I have found my bag. This crossbody also has a pocket on the front and we all know I love my crossbody bags. They are so easy to use at the parks.

The pattern is that which we have seen on much of the rest of the Park Life Collection, including the leggings which I have to have. There are icons from the Parks including attractions and other well-known things like the cars on Main Street USA! The pattern is quite large so placement will definitely be a factor on all 4 silhouettes thanks to those front pockets on all the bags. That splits up the design and creates cut off images.

The straps are luggage in color but the trim is pink to match the main color. So darn cute!

How many Dooney and Bourke bags are too many? I may be approaching that number in some people’s eyes but I know not in my fellow fashionistas’ eyes!

Things we don’t know yet. Prices. We don’t have prices. We also don’t know if they will appear online. If they do, the annual passholder silhouette will most likely not. If placement is an issue or you don’t want to risk missing out, you can email our preferred personal shopper at [email protected] and she can help you out. 

Are you excited about the new Park Life Dooney and Bourke Collection? Have you been waiting for it since we shared it in November? Let us know in the comments!

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