The Quest Begins, Onward Coming To Digital Tonight, and Disney+ Soon!


Looking for something to do around the house today? Well, the perfect quest has arrived, Onward is Coming to Digital video TONIGHT! It will also be adventuring to Disney+ on April 3! This is much earlier than expected, but we couldn’t be more excited!

Onward is a heartwarming tale of two brothers on a quest to bring back their father. With many theaters having to close or run at a lower capacity, many fans missed the opportunity to see this amazing film in theaters. Disney has cast a magical spell though because now we can be couch-bound and enjoy this great film tonight! You can purchase this epic new film just in time to watch it this evening.

Disney+ Subscribers will also be able to enjoy Onward on April 3rd!

Onward was an instant favorite with my family, and my son has actually asked when is Onward coming to video almost daily since we saw it in theaters. We’ve got the outfits, the toys, even out own pet Blazey! We’re already planning our themed movie night! We’ll be printing up some coloring sheets, and setting up our living room like the Manticore’s Tavern, complete with gryphon nuggets and Kraken legs!

Are you ready to begin your quest of yore when Onward embarks for adventure on Digital Download tonight?

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