The White Rabbit Loungefly Backpack Takes Us To Wonderland

White Rabbit Loungefly Backpack

Don’t fall down the rabbit hole while looking at how cute this new backpack is from Loungefly! We can’t promise that you’ll be on time with this new White Rabbit Loungefly Backpack. I’m sure I’ll be singing I’m late, I’m late, I’m late while wearing it though!

Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit Cosplay Backpack

No time to say hello, goodbye, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late! You can almost hear his worried voice singing out the words when you look at this cute backpack! Lots of details have been woven together to bring to life the White Rabbit for this bag. Not only are there layers of faux leather die-cut pieces stitched together to give depth this his outfit, but there is also faux fur! The top half of the bag is covered in a soft faux fur, to really give us that rabbit feel! One of my favorite details is the use of see-through vinyl circles, for his glasses. His pointy ears stick up from atop the bag, and his iconic pocket watch even acts as a zipper pull.

The details don’t stop on the outside of the bag either! Inside you’ll also find a beautiful deep purple lining inside. The lining has a beautiful print of Alice in Wonderland inspired silhouettes from every corner of Wonderland.

The rest of the bag is a mix of white faux fur and also vegan leather, with a metal brand plate affixed to the side.

The sassy and fabulous new White Rabbit Loungefly Backpack retails for $75.00, and is available online now at! What do you think of this whimsical new cosplay bag from Loungefly?

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