There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, Shining at the End of Every Day

When you visit Disney Parks, do you always ride the Carousel of Progress? Even though some of my family and friends aren’t the biggest fans of the classic attraction, I have to ride it each and every time I visit Magic Kingdom. Walt Disney himself had a big hand in designing this show! Plus, the music is just so darn catchy! Because after all, “there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of every day. There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, and tomorrow is just a dream away.”

If you love the Carousel of Progress, this gorgeous coffee mug is just the thing for you!

The teal mug is a gorgeous color and perfect for spring! Plus, it works as the perfect background for the gold and black font to really pop. The font is partially the classic Disney font which is easily recognizable and appreciated by any Disney fan. Yes, I do believe that this mug would look great on my desk!


This 12 ounce mug is hand wash only. You definitely want to keep this mug looking great for all those great big beautiful tomorrows! Whether you are buying for yourself, or shopping for a gift, this mug is a great bargain at just $10.00. Add some coffee beans, tea bags, or chocolates, and maybe a Disney gift card or two, and you have created the perfect gift!

If you’re ready to relive the Carousel of Progress, head over to CreationsByNad on Etsy  HERE to check it out.

What do you think of the Carousel of Progress attraction? Is it a must-see or a must-skip for you? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Monica V

Monica lives in Ann Arbor, MI. She is a former Disney Cast Member (via the Disney College Program Fall 2011) and a current Disney Addict.
Monica V