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These Are The Ears I Want To Be Wearing For My Birthday

I was really hoping to spend my birthday at Walt Disney World this year. Unfortunately, that is not happening. But, I can still wear my Disney Ears around the house and treat myself like a Princess. These Mouse Ears are the ears that I want to be wearing for my birthday this year!

In case you were wondering, yes, today is my birthday. And while it’s a more subdued birthday than I am used to, I am celebrating all the same. But, if I were celebrating at the Disney Parks, these are the ears that I would be wearing! They are just so bright and colorful! While there is nothing on these ears that screams BIRTHDAY, they just remind me of a celebration! What do you think?

These ears have everything I love on them! There are sparkly rhinestones, Cinderella Castle, Mickey Balloons, and a bow! What more could a Disney Fashionista ask for on her birthday? I personally love the pink color of these ears, but they are available in other color choices as well.

The blue and white ears are also very lovely and perfect for the Disney Fashionista who is not all about pink. Plus, you also have the option to customize your bow color!

With so many color combos to choose from, I sure that everyone will find a combination that they love! I personally love the pink ears with the rainbow bow – it just makes me extra happy!

Yep, these are definitely the ears that I want to be wearing for my birthday! I guess it is time to start planning a Disney Parks vacation for next year’s celebration! You can get these ears on Etsy from MagicMountainEars HERE. Pricing starts at just $25.00 – which is a birthday treat in itself!

What do you think of today’s Etsy discovery? Do these ears say “birthday” to you? Or, would you wear these ears any time of year? Let me know in the comment section below.

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