These Cozy Mickey Sweatshirts Are Perfect For Chilly Days

Mickey Sweatshirts

Baby it’s cold outside, even for us in Florida! There is nothing I love more than a cozy sweatshirt or Spirit Jersey on a chilly day too! So these cozy new Mickey Sweatshirts from Walt Disney World, are exactly what I am looking for!

Mickey Sweatshirts

These cozy tops come in four beautiful colors and even have a distressed wash to them for a vintage look. You’ll find these in comfy tops a purple, grey, light blue, and reddish coral! Each color is available for $49.99. We found them at World of Disney in Disney Springs.

Mickey Sweatshirts

I am going to play favorites, and show off the purple one first. The stonewashed look of this one almost makes it look textured too. Keeping in line with the color theme, Mickey is even wearing purple shoes!

The grey one has the most “distressed” wash look to it. The grey color palette of this one also reminds me of vintage Mickey cartoons, and I am so here for it!

The blue sweatshirt’s distressed look almost has a whimsical cloud in the sky feel to it. While I am partial to purple, I feel like the blue sweatshirt really POPs, and would pair well with the Park Life, and Balloon leggings available right now.

Lastly, we have a red sweatshirt! The distressed wash of this one almost gives it a coral hue too. I feel like the Mickey design stands out the best on this one as well.

These sweatshirts are also SUPER soft, so they are perfect for staying warm AND cozy on chilly days. Plus they are absolutely adorable too.

What do you think of these colorful new Mickey Sweatshirts from Walt Disney World?

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