These Marie Earrings Are Almost As Precious As She Is


Marie is one of my favorite sassy Disney Characters, so of course, I’m in love with these Marie Earrings from KristinaStoreAndMore HERE on Etsy!  Since Marie is a fashionista herself, we have to share these with you!  There are three different styles of earrings available, and each one is uniquely adorable!  Don’t worry, Marie’s iconic pink bows are features on each pair of earrings!

The first style is this “Marie nose up” style.  These earrings feature Marie strutting along with her nose and fluffy tail in the air because she knows she’s a lady!


The second style is this “sitting straight” style.  These earrings feature Marie in a classic kitty pose.  She is, of course, giving her sweetest smile with her adorable big eyes!


The last style is this “looking from behind” style.  These earrings feature Marie looking over her shoulder with her sassy yet sweet expression!  I love this pair because her iconic bows are front and center!

All of these would be adorable additions to a Marie Disneybound!  How cute would they look with the fabulous The Aristocats Dress from The Dress Shop!?

If you would like to purchase any of these pairs of precious earrings, you can find them all HERE!

Which pair of these earrings is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below!

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Lindsey N