These Minnie Kitchen Accessories Are The Cherry On Top Of Any Home-Cooked Meal

If you fell in love with this gorgeous Floral Minnie Dress, you’re going to need every single one of these adorable Minnie Kitchen Accessories!  They all match the dress perfectly and have a lovely blue, pink, and red floral and cherry theme!  There are also plenty of hidden Mickeys–look closely at the cherries!

First off I have to point out this amazing apron!  I am hosting my first Christmas this year, so I had to purchase my first apron!  As I’ve said before, I’m not a cook, so I haven’t ever needed one!  This collection is so adorable it almost makes me want to cook more.  This apron is perfect for year-round wear and features cherries on a white background.  There are even hidden Mickey cherries!  There are also two pockets that feature an embroidered Mickey and Minnie!

Next are these fabulous kitchen towels.  I have pretty towels that hang on my oven as decoration (because let’s be honest–they’re too pretty to use), and I think these would be a lovely addition!  The first towel features Minnie and Mickey enjoying a milkshake surrounded by flowers and cherries (including hidden Mickey cherries).  The other towel features cherries, including hidden Mickey cherries, in an adorable pattern.  There are even tiny blue hidden Mickeys!

Next are these amazing stationery pieces including a Minnie Mouse market list and Minnie notecards!  You could even use these to write down your favorite recipes and place them in this adorable Minnie, Mickey, and cherry patterned recipe box!

While you’re cooking your tasty treats, you’ll need plenty of kitchen tools.  Luckily, this line even has a rolling pin, measuring cups, oven mitts, and pot holders!  Each item is beautifully themed to match the rest of the collection!  The potholder is particularly adorable because it features Minnie and the words “The secret ingredient is love.”

Once you’re done creating your scrumptious snacks, you will want a lovely place to display or store them!  This collection really has you covered!  There is an adorable pie stand that features a winking Minnie and the words “With a cherry on top” that you could use for pie, cake, or even cookies or brownies!  If you are making magical drinks, you can use these adorable straws to add a little extra Disney flair!

There is also a set of three different size canisters featuring Minnie and Mickey where you can store your treats!  The first one says “The secret ingredient is love.”  The middle one says “The secret ingredient is happiness.”  The last one says “Magic is the secret ingredient.”  There is even an adorable cookie jar with a Mickey Mouse icon as the top handle that says “Magic is the secret ingredient.”

Last, but certainly not least, is this adorable Minnie Mouse plush!  She is wearing a dress that matches the one available for us, so you can match her!  I love this so much!  I might just have to get this “Minnie and Me” set for myself!

Which piece from this fabulous Minnie Kitchen Accessories collection is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below!

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