These New Disney Succulent Pots Are As Cute as They Are Tiny

Disney Succulent Pots

I love the look of plants, I’m just not so good at taking care of living plants. I also love the fun Disney inspired looks people have come up with for their planters and gardens. It seems like shopDisney is reading my mind, because they now have the most adorable Disney Succulents Pots available!

These cute little Disney Succulent Pots come with faux succulents, so there is no worry for those of us who don’t have the greenest thumbs. There are five varieties available now on shopDisney including, Chip, Pooh’s Hunny Pot, The Poison Apple, Groot, and Aladdin’s lamp. We’ve seen images of a Mickey one, but he hasn’t made his appearance on shopDisney yet.

Chip Succulent

The Chip succulent pot is all smiles, and looks just like the beloved character from Beauty and the Beast. He ha s a very leafy green faux succulent.

Groot Succulent

I am Groot! This leafy succulent seems perfectly at home atop Groot’s head.

Aladdin’s Magic Lamp Succulent

A high glaze metallic gloss on the Genie Lamp makes this pot look like shimmering gold!

Poisoned Apple Succulent

No spells or curses will make your faux succulent wilt in this Poisoned Apple pot!

Winnie the Pooh Succulent

I can’t think of a sweeter pot than a hunny pot to plant a cute succulent in!

Each faux succulent set is in coarse sand that is glued together and stuck in the pot, so you won’t have to worry about messes either!

You can find these adorable tiny Disney Succulent Pots on shopDisney with the Holiday Stocking Stuffers!

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