These Vintage Style Minnie Ears Are Timeless!

I am a huge fan of vintage fashion. That’s why, when I saw the vintage style Minnie Ears, I knew that I had to have them. Colors and fashion trends go in and out of style but these are timeless.

This is how I remember Minnie when I first saw her. She is always dressed to the nines but this is the original look I fell in love with. Now, this also means that these Ears will go with a ton of Minnie Mouse merchandise. These were spotted at Mouse Gear and while walking around holding them, we could pair them with a handful of outfits without even trying!

I am all about sparkle and it certainly doesn’t hurt that each element of these vintage Minnie Ears is made of sequins. Even the yellow flower sparkles!

These Ears will be the perfect addition to any Rock the Dots look, too. If you are wearing polka dots on your clothes you will need something to level it out or the perfect Minnie look. I think we have found that something.

These vintage style Minnie Ears are not yet available online but I am sure they will be soon.

What do you think of these Minnie Ears? Are you into vintage looks? Let us know!

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