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This Stunning Merida Coat has Us Feeling Stylish And BRAVE

Merida Coat

I really feel like Merida doesn’t get enough love, and she should, she’s a Disney Princess too! Just like Mulan, she is fierce, and so is this Merida Coat from Secret Honey! This coat captures the essence of Merida while looking stylish and fabulous.

This sassy coat is available on Instagram from Secret Honey! It has the rich teal color or Merida’s iconic dress and is trimmed in a lighter green for contrast. The bottom hem also has gorgeous Celtic knotwork wrapping around it, as well as a knotwork belt in gold. A swath of tartan printed fabric is tucked into the belt, for extra flair.

I am also totally loving that it has a hood! It really pays homage to one of my favorite scenes from the film. The moment when Merida decides she is going to shoot for her own hand in marriage! Of course, that’s when things take a turn in the story, but it had a happy ending so all is well.

The coat is pricy, at $325.00 USD, but it’s definitely gorgeous, and one heck of a statement piece. It is available for sale through an independent Secret Honey retailer on Instagram now.

What do you think of this stunning Merida Coat?

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