This Valentine’s Day MagicBand Celebrates Everyone’s Favorite Couple


Disney releases a new adorable MagicBand for pretty much every occasion, so of course there is an adorable one for Valentine’s Day!

MagicBand MagicBand

This gorgeous MagicBand has a white base that really makes the adorable pink and red designs pop!  Plus, if you decide to use a MagicBand Buddy, white matches everything!  One side of this adorable MagicBand features red hearts along with hearts shot by arrows.  The other side features a ribbon at the top that says “I *heart* you” along with red, pink, and black patterned hearts.  Some of the hearts even have Mickey and Minnie in them.  What I love about this side of the band is that Mickey is lovingly looking at a smiling Minnie!  Talk about true love!


Since this is a Limited Edition MagicBand, only 3,000 are in existence!  That makes it even better because you will have something not very many people have!  It also means that it comes in an adorable collectible box!  I love how this band looks in the box so much that I think I would have a hard time taking it out to wear it!  The box is pink and features Minnie and Mickey Mouse in a loving embrace.  Their tails form hearts and they have two birds holding a heart above their heads.

Make sure you check out this and all of the other fabulous MagicBand options when you visit the parks!  Do you want to add this adorable Valentine’s Day MagicBand to your collection?  Let us know in the comments below!

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Lindsey N