Throughout the Years: A look at celebrities on Disney’s Main Street

Halloween may be over – but the shopping aisles are still packed with 60%+ off candy and for that reason alone, I think it’s a call to keep celebrating!

Every Halloween – and this Halloween especially – celebrities draw inspiration for their over-the-top Halloween looks from Disney.

And can you blame them? The movies, the characters – there’s so much inspiration and sooo many directions to take it.

Let’s take a look at celebrities who have gone Disney for Halloween through the years!


Though I’m not the biggest Kim K. fan, I’m a fan of her love for Disney! Throughout the years she’s penned an ode to Disney by dressing as various characters, including Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White, and the Queen of Hearts.


Paris Hilton comes in second with her affinity for Disney. Throughout the years she dressed up as Minnie Mouse, Alice, and Tinkerbell. Her little chihuahua from Simple Life fame was even named Tinkerbell, if you recall.


Former Playmate Holly Madison has hit the Halloween streets as Elsa, Alice, Sleeping Beauty, the Cheshire Cat, and Tinkerbell as well.

Neil Patrick Harris’ family is notorious for their genius and elaborate group costumes which have featured Star Wars, Peter Pan, and Alice in Wonderland.


Nicole Richie once suited up as Cruella with her dalmation children, and as Jack Skellington with dramatic face make-up.

Whereas, Iggy Azalea went full out and showed up to a party with a live Dalmatian prop!

A few years back, a younger Ariel Winter went Jasmine. Who did it better: Ariel or Kim K?


Who did Woody or Jess better: Gwen Stefani with her Rex or Sandra Bullock with her Buzz?

Jessica Alba and fam dressed as The Incredibles.



Channing has previously stuck his paw in the honey pot, chunking up as Pooh Bear.

Michelle Trachtenberg took a bite from the evil apple years ago as Snow White and turned blue all over for a daring Nightmare Before Christmas look.

Mindy Kaling walked the plank as Captain Hook.


And let us not forget my Queen Lauren Conrad and her various odes to Disney throughout the many Halloweens. From Minnie Mouse to Mary Poppins to Cruella, she’s got it down.

All right, fashionistas, that’s it for now… Now it’s time to get planning for Halloween 2019 because it is NEVER too early. Give yourself enough time to execute a costume idea however grand or small you choose and just remember – like these celebrities, there are so many variations of a character(s) you can take!

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