Top 10 Locations At Walt Disney World For Taking A Selfie

Don’t even try to tell me that you are the fashionista that has ever taken a selfie. I most likely won’t believe you. Selfies have taken over social media and photos in general. My husband is the king of taking couple selfies. Taking selfies requires a different skill set and background than regular photos. This is why I have decided to compile the top 10 locations at Walt Disney World for taking a selfie!


1. Park Icons– I had to make this an all inclusive because we all want selfies in front of the Castle, Spaceship Earth, The Tree of Life etc, etc. This one is obvious and is true for almost everyone.


2. The Bubblegum WallРListen, I will be the first one to tell you that I kept seeing selfies in front of this wall and I had no idea where it was. Then I realized I knew exactly where it was and had never really paid attention. Whoever decided to use it as a backdrop was a genius. Small businesses are making buttons talking about this wall! It can be found at both exits of Spaceship Earth at Epcot.

3. Prince Eric’s Castle– This is the “other castle” at Magic Kingdom but it is so well done! The way it has been created, with it’s visual effect of looking life size, makes for a fabulous backdrop for a selfie. unfortunately, I haven’t tried this one yet so I don’t have a photo to share…. it’s coming, though!

4. Tangled Restroom Area– I know it’s strange to say that a restroom is a great place for a selfie but hear me out. The area leading into the restrooms looks like it is straight out of the film! The lanterns, the suns on the walls, the tower…. it’s a beautiful area and I know I am not the only person that feels like it is a bit of a waste that it is just a restroom.

5. You Are Most Beautiful Wall– If you have long arms, you could take a picture in front of this wall and it will have so much more meaning than just a selfie. This one can be found deep in the jungle of Animal Kingdom. Obviously, this isn’t a selfie but I wanted you to see the whole wall so you can actually find it!

6. Pandora- While you are at Animal Kingdom, head on over to Pandora and take a selfie with, well… anything. The floating rocks or the bio-luminescent flowers. You really can’t go wrong. (I know our picture didn’t turn out great but I promise it’s worth it!)


7. The Toothpaste Wall– You are going to find a few different walls on this list but that’s because it is super easy to take a selfie in front of a fabulously colored wall! This wall can be found at Epcot at the Seas with Nemo and Friends.

8. Waterfall at the Canada Pavilion– Yes, this location has a special place in my heart because I got married there but I have so many pictures over the years at that exact spot just because of the beauty of the location. That makes it perfect for a selfie! This isn’t a selfie but it’s from my wedding so I had to share it!

9. With the Characters– Consider this another obvious choice. Everyone wants selfies with the Park icons and the characters. Some characters really get into it, too! I have some of my best character shots because of a good selfie!

Lindsey and Sarah

10. The Purple Wall– The purple is stunning and the lighting is fab. Head over to Tomorrowland and grab the ultimate selfie…. you won’t be alone.

Honestly, there isn’t a bad place to take a selfie at Disney World. It’s Disney! These are just my favorite spots. What are yours? What did we leave out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to tag us on IG at #4disneyfashion to share your selfies with us!

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